Betrayed by liars


Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have both agreed to join together to ask the EU Commission to intervene and challenge the decision legally if the UK vote to leave the European Union, the Stronger In movement are now in alarm at the sudden shift towards Brexit support. Both the Prime Minister and the Labour leader are at the forefront of the plan to stop any vote to leave the EU and will try to secure a second referendum or make the vote void. The EU have also indicated to David Cameron that if one party overspends within their allocated budget the UK electoral commission could enforce the second referendum due to rules being broken.

Both leaders are fighting for their political lives by joining the remain campaign, but victory for Brexit would surely put their creditability in the limelight and certainly would mean the end of David Cameron, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given David Cameron her personal assurance that the EU will fight any Brexit victory through the courts which could take years with no time limit to reach a decision.

The Prime Minister seems to be prepared to fall to unchartered depths in his aim to secure the UK’s future within the EU, Jeremy Corbyn has gone from left wing terrorist supporter to an EU pimp within days, he has betrayed the loyal labour voters and hoodwinked the new members who paid their membership fee to get him into the position only to be made into an utter fools.

We are in a new Battle of Britain and we must encourage everyone to see the facts hidden behind a web of lies by the Stronger In movement, we must stop our nation being dictated to by German and Brussels who’s motivation is total control of the UK.

In the Battle of Britain our heroes were brave young men in spitfires, today our heroes will be those who use a pen not a bullet, VOTE LEAVE and become a modern day hero.










The Battle of Britain has begun


We stand on the brink of either reclaiming our nation back or thrusting it into a nation that will be subservient to Brussels but dictated by Germany, our businesses will be subject to unfair trading agreements, our NHS will continue to struggle to cope with the ever increasing population, our schools will continue to share books between 3 pupils, our armed forces will be under threat of cuts that will make the UK undefendable, is that what you want? Is that what the UK has become? Is that what our brave people fought and died for over two world wars? Well if you believe Cameron, Osbourn, Alan Johnson and Corbyn then yes, that’s this nations fate, but if you believe that the UK can stand up and fight for its own people, beliefs, sovereignty, laws, immigration, border control and its right to decide who and how it trades with countries worldwide then vote leave.

We as a nation have to stop this, we have the power to change the currently irreversible slide towards full control of our nation to the EU, we have a responsibility to protect our children and grandchildren’s future, we have the power to save our industries and protect our traditional way of life, we have the power to stop this nation becoming a terrorist sanctuary, we have the power to save jobs, standards of living and our nation’s future.

Fight for your nation, fight for our Children, fight for our future generations, fight for our sovereignty, fight for our NHS, fight for our schools, fight for our steel industry, fight for our armed forces, fight for our businesses, fight for our right to decide who enters the UK, fight for the right to pass our own laws.

The Battle of Britain has begun, fight for it, VOTE LEAVE

Corbyn – EU hypocrite, liar and traitor


Labour and its voters have an opportunity to dramatically influence the UK’s decision on if we remain in a one-sided, inflexible, self-centered inadequate organisational talking shop run by unelected administrators and bureaucrats who have only one agenda, and that is to have complete control over its member states, or if like me, who wants the UK to be at the forefront of not only Europe but the world by leaving the EU and taking control of our laws, borders, immigration, financial decisions, trade agreements, workers rights and social and criminal justice systems.

Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader has been a eurosceptic for most of his life both personally and politically, so it seems disingenuous that he only now wants us to remain in the EU and that decision is party based, not the views of the man himself. He has done what every Labour leader has ever done, shown to be spineless and a puppet for what the trade unions believe in.

Before the EU became a major debating point Corbyn consistently challenged every EU based proposal or amendment that came before parliament, if Corbyn was unelectable before he has shown his true colours and certainly highlighted that fact now with this hypocritical stance. Do not forget that Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor have supported terrorism and extremists at every opportunity, so the security of this nation means absolutely nothing to him, in reality, he is trying to avoid being the fall guy and doesn’t want to be the one named as one of the main reasons we left the EU such is the cowardice and spinelessness of the man.

Tradition Labour voters should vote to leave the EU, as it stands against every tradition the party stands for, also given the loathing of David Cameron and that if the Government lose the EU referendum, the Prime Minister would have very little alternative and under extream pressure but to leave office, some would actually think Labour voters would demand that Corbyn should grasp the only realistic opportunity he will ever have of removing David Cameron, because he is incapable of doing so in a general election regardless of who the conservatives have as Prime Minister at that time.

As a nation, we have been lied too and been exploited for far too long, we cannot allow ourselves to be dictated to, it’s everything we fought two world wars against yet we allow unelected administrator and self-absorbed corporate focused bureaucrats who’re only interested in making Europe a super state that controls every aspect of the member states democracy.

Alan Johnson a former Labour cabinet member under Tony Blair is a Euro prostitute, he’s only interested that we stay in the EU because of his business interests that profit enormously for its membership, Jeremy Corbyn is no Euro prostitute he is now an EU pimp, that wants to convince us that he has now seen the light and that the EU is so wonderful, all Corbyn is interested in is to secure his own future not that of the UK’s.

The lies that the Stronger In campaign keeps telling us is that we have no access to the EU single market, that is absolute falsehood at its mildest, there is no reformed EU, only what the EU want to allow us to have, every part of Cameron’s “Special Status” can and will be vetoed by the other member states of the EU and Cameron would be powerless to stop it, the only way we can live, trade worldwide, travel, farm, fish, manufacture, export, import, pass laws, control our borders, manage immigration and have real social and criminal justice is to leave the EU.

The Stronger In spokespeople will have you believe that the UK would be plunged into darkness within hours of leaving the EU, another absolute propaganda fear tactic, it would take years to actually completely leave the EU and therefore, we have years to renegotiate our trade deals with the EU, in fact, you will not notice any difference for years to come, the trade will continue, travel will continue as will immigration and migration, free movement doesn’t work, what happened before free movement? We still travelled, relocated and worked overseas, as did people move to the UK for work, study and retirement so don’t believe the lies, believe in the UK and vote to leave the EU.

Cameron- The book of lies exposed


David Cameron’s newest fiction novel “Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK” is a rather long-winded title but very short in substance. Here is the first review of the Prime Ministers attempt at the story telling book market.

Having received my free copy in the post, of the £9.3m booklet I have to say I was extremely disappointed by the outlay and overall presentation, it resembled more of a benefit information document rather than an important nation changing public information production.

But let’s review page by page this stunning book of lies.

Page 1               “An important decision for the UK”

It states that the UK has secured Special Status in a reformed EU.

Really? Here is what our “Special Status” includes according to the Prime Minster

  1. A commitment to reducing EU red tape
  2. Tough new restrictions on access to the UK’s welfare system for new migrants
  3. The UK will not be part of further European political integration
  4. We will keep our own border controls
  5. We will not join the Euro

It is a fact that when John Major was in power he, in fact, announced that the UK would never lose the pound, so this revelation is not something David Cameron has engineered by his supreme negotiating skills.

He claims we will keep our own borders, but in the real world people coming into the UK from ferries and the euro tunnel are very rarely checked, only airports consistently check passports. The UK are currently powerless to stop people coming in from the EU, we have never been more incapable of protecting our own borders than we are currently.

The key word here is “political” that doesn’t include many other EU regulations such as tariffs, trading agreements or laws.

If we hadn’t paid ten of thousands of EU migrants Child Benefit for children who live in the EU and who the UK cannot prove exist or Tax Credits to every EU migrant that has arrived in the UK our benefits system would be far healthier and there would be no debate on any future arrivals. Bolting doors after the horse has run a mile comes to mind.

How the Prime Minster plans to reduce red tape within an organization that invented red tape is incomprehensible.


Page 3           “A stronger economy”    

The Government claims that the EU is the UK’s biggest trading partner, apparently it buys 44% of everything we sell abroad, and that remaining in the EU guarantees our full access to the EU single market, it also claims that being in the EU makes the UK more attractive to companies to invest in the UK.

Absolute rubbish!

Now I’m no mathematician but out of 100% and you take away 44% that leaves 56%, so with that complex mathematical equation completed, it seems that we actually sell more to outside the EU and more importantly what we sell outside the EU is worth a vast amount more than what the EU trade deals provide. As far as the single market is concerned it will still be available to the UK if we wish to use it, the EU simply cannot function without the UK, but in reverse the UK could continue without the EU, it would be difficult in the short term but the long term benefits far outway the initial leave period, The UK is a major force in business and it attracts multi-million pound businesses and will continue to do so, the Government’s attempts to scaremonger people into believing that businesses will move or reject the UK because we are not in the EU is falsehood.

Page 5           “Improving our lives”

According to the Government if we were to leave the EU the “economic shock” would put pressure on the pound which would result in higher prices and damage living standards. David Cameron also claims that travel within the EU would become more expensive also we could lose our free or cheaper public healthcare.

Total fabrication and unsubstantiated un-factual slobber.

The only economic shock would be if the chancellor did his job effectively, instead of promoting practices that hinder the UK rather than enhance it, leaving the EU would give the UK a real voice and trading stamp not only with the EU but the world markets. As far as travel is concerned we will still be able to travel freely and with little or no extra cost, either way, the effects would be minimal.

Page 7           “What happens if we leave”

Apart from mass celebration and the potential of other countries voting to leave the EU the Government claims it would set the UK back 10 years while we renegotiate new agreements with the EU, also that we would have to follow the EU rules with no real say, pay into the EU and still accept EU citizens to work and live in the UK.

Utter nonsense.

What the Government refuses to accept is that the EU need the UK more than we need them, they would quickly negotiate trade agreements and access to the single market. The only reason the UK would have to pay the EU, accept people and trade freely is if we allow ourselves to be forced to abide by rules that would no longer apply, as for leaving and having no real say, we have no say currently so there would be zero impact on that matter.

Page 9           “Controlling immigration and securing our borders”

The Government claims “we control our own borders which give us the right to check everyone” also that a deal to make our benefits less of a draw to EU citizens, and that we can use all the intelligence from the other EU countries will make us safer.

More chance of Lord Lucan becoming the next Minister of Justice than these claims becoming factual.

We are not in control of our borders, we make the UK look like a pathway to free money and were as unsafe as ever.

We need to introduce a Visa entry system to enter the UK only then can we be sure that we know who is coming in and out of the UK.

We pay millions in Benefits to EU citizens in Child Benefit and Tax Credits plus free housing and health care, which is why in the words of the Prime Minister himself they “swarm” here.

As far as security goes if the co-intelligence of all the other EU members was so fantastic why did London, Paris and Brussels happen with no warning?

Page 11         “The benefits of EU membership”

David Cameron claims the UK will not transfer powers without a referendum and that the EU provides opportunities for all UK citizens while still being a leading force in the world. They even claim it was because of our EU membership that it prevented Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The lies are concluded.

The fact is the UK will continue to transfer powers to the EU while we are still a member, the opportunities are less as most EU countries have nothing to offer UK citizens and we have been far removed from our world force status for decades, the UK will only benefit from the EU when we leave the EU, we can be better, through free trade, manned and managed borders and freedom to pass our own laws, we must leave the EU if this nation is to become a great nation once again.

We owe them, 23-06-16 make it right

half_mast_uk_flagGreat Britain, a nation that fought two world wars against aggressive world domination, and won, a nation that stood up for others even if it meant the lives of its people, a nation that stands for peace and freedom, a nation that reaches out to those in adversity or persecution, a nation that the world could rely on, a nation that has changed the world with its inventions and technological advances, Great Britain a nation now under threat from a Europe it once liberated and called friends.

So much has changed since Great Britain and its allies liberated Europe from Nazi German rule, yes it was a different world and had different problems, but today it’s the same Germany that now plans to rule the same Europe again, but this time without firing a single shot in anger.

Our nations influence within Europe has been systematically broken down piece by piece in a cold and calculating way by the bureaucrats in Brussels, backed by Germany, its followers, and with the help of Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Britain was always an irritant to Europe, simply because we are not sheep that follow every instruction Germany command, we were self-reliant we had coal, steel, shipping, farming, fishing and manufacturing industries that were competitive throughout the world, and Europe wanted a slice of the pie. When Margaret Thatcher decided to sell the industries off little by little it was the beginning of the end of Great Britain as a prominent influence on the world market, and guess who purchased our industries? European companies and business investors who would simply break up the industries and sell them off.

We as a nation own very little, but owe everyone, we are nothing more now than a name, and even that is sniggered at within Brussels. Our brave armed forces and civilians fought and endured two world wars to give the future generations the same freedom and peace they shared, today we have failed them disgracefully, they died to protect our way of life, liberty and to give us hope, today we cannot even pass our own laws, trade with who we wish, unable to refuse or deport individuals we don’t want in the UK, give housing and benefits to people who come to the UK and don’t contribute in any relevant way, have our own Christian culture neglected and no longer observed in our schools because it causes resentment to other faiths and have councils who refuse to fly the British flag as it might cause offence to others. Our brave fallen will be turning in their grave to see what they died for has become.

Is this what our men and women died for? Is this what they wanted for us? Is this Great Britain?

We have a chance to change this, we have a chance to make things right again, we have just one chance to truly be called Great Britain again, on the 23rd June 2016 make the right choice, make the deaths of our brave armed forces worth it, make them proud, and vote to leave the EU.

This won’t cost £9.3m, its free


David Cameron has excelled himself in the run up to the EU referendum, he claims the UK would lose jobs, suffer terrible economical consciences, pay more for food, products and services, lose our access to the European trade market, pay more and find it difficult to travel within the European Union and our security would be at a greater risk, well one word can describe these claims “lies”

Take a look at these so called claims


The Prime Minister claims the UK would lose thousands of jobs if we left the EU, and maybe so, but only because of the businesses that would suffer are the ones that employ low skilled, low paid economic migrants, who they pay less than the living wage and have no pension to contribute towards, it would force these businesses to pay the minimum wage and give its workers’ rights and safeguards that they previously have been excluded from. It is ironic that the business leaders who demand the country stay in the EU are the ones that are the main perpetrators of paying low wages for outrageous profits, these companies would either have to pay the increase in wages and provide proper conditions or decrease their workforce and still pay and provide the correct wages, either way it would benefit the UK by offering all workers a decent wage which would increase productivity and performance for its workers.

We must also disregard the claim that food, products and services would be more expensive if we left the EU, the fact is it would force the government to source within the UK many products and services it overlooked and outsourced worldwide in the name of profits, this would create an enormous amount of UK jobs, greater quality and extensively boost the UK economy, it would reignite our farming, manufacturing, fishing, energy, health, IT and food industries.

The UK would however increase job prosperity by having free trade agreements not just with European Union countries but with free trade agreements with other worldwide partners such as USA and China who provide more opportunities than Europe, but because of the current EU regulations and the way such contracts are allocated by the unelected bureaucrats and administrators in Brussels the UK has lost out on many lucrative contracts both within Europe and worldwide, that would stop if we leave the EU.


David Cameron claims the UK would suffer terrible consciences if we left the EU, that is one of the biggest scaremongering and deceptions the Prime Minister has implied during his remain campaign, the fact is the UK would become even stronger if we left the EU, our bargaining power and trade negotiations would set us on the front foot in any agreement with Europe or the rest of the world, simply because without EU trade tariffs and the outrageous red tape that comes with being a member of an authoritarian group the UK can offer trade partners more flexibility and become more competitive than ever before, not just when dealing with European countries but throughout the world trade market.

The Prime Minister fails to recognise that the UK is a historical world trade power and still is, leaving the EU would make no difference to the UK trading with Europe or any other country, Europe need the UK far more than the UK need the EU, in fact the EU would have to trade with the UK to survive, we export more to the rest of the world than we do with the EU, another myth David Cameron would rather you didn’t know.

The other falsehood is that big businesses won’t find the UK attractive or will leave the UK if we decide to leave the EU, well Mr Cameron that’s utter rubbish, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds and Glasgow are major cities and attract major businesses and will continue to do so. The only ones who doubt the UK and its people are the Stronger IN campaign and the Prime Minister. It is disturbing to see the UK’s elected leader has no confidence or belief in the country, its businesses or its people.


We are being told that if we don’t belong to the European Union we will be less safe, our national security will be non-effective and we will find it difficult and more expensive to travel, all of these claims are un verifiable, but what is fact is that it will be more difficult to enter the UK. Immigration is a choice not a right, we as a country should have a right to say no, unlike the current arrangements where there is free movement within the EU which in turn creates a free movement of terrorism, the Prime Minister claims if we leave the EU then our border will be moved back from Calais to Dover, that statement alone would thrust me towards voting to leave the EU, because we are an island, and to get to the UK they would have to be either strong swimmers or the running skills of a cheater to avoid a fast moving train, either way we can stop anyone coming in and if we do find illegal immigrants we can return them back at the point of entry, and financially fine the French for failure to protect our borders, if the French refuse to man the euro tunnel then we should refuse to accept the trains, if they refuse to man the ferry ports, we should refuse to accept them, this would not happen, the French would not let that happen, the French would be forced to deal with the migrants in their country and not pass the buck onto us.

Our security services are one of the best in the world, but it is obstructed by other EU countries who don’t share information or pass on intelligence, this would happen with or without the EU, if the co-operation was so good by being in the EU then London, Paris and Brussels would never have happened would it? The fact is if we are in charge of our own immigration and borders and have a visa system to enter the UK we are far more likely to be safer than with free movement.

I have spoken directly to airlines and major travel companies; all have stated that the price of an airline ticket or holiday should not change other than the increase that happens with inflation or an increase in fuel prices.


We live in a country that has no control over its borders, immigration, laws or trade agreements, the Prime Minister and the Stronger IN group would have you believing that we cannot leave the European Union as we will be plunged into chaos, financial depression and poverty, all of which are utter nonsense, I’m all for working together with any country on trade, security and immigration, these issues should be customary among fellow countries, not just in Europe but worldwide.

We should not be told how to live our lives or who we have to allow into the UK, we should not be paying to be in a club that takes and gives nothing relevant back, we should not be told what laws to pass in our own country, nor should we be told that we cannot let our own fisherman apply their trade in their own waters, we should not be dictated too on how we conduct trade with or give contracts too, we cannot be fooled into thinking we are part of an organisation that has the UK in its heart when in reality they are using us just as an addition income, we cannot continually be hoodwinked into thinking that we are listened too within the EU, we cannot be told that we should pay non UK citizens benefits, free health care or get free Housing at the cost of UK households, we have to stop EU citizens buying UK property and charging outrageous rents to UK citizens.

We as a nation have to say no and leave the EU and make Great Britain great again.

Enough is Enough: Time to Leave the EU

brexitThe up and coming EU referendum has the capability to change the relationship between the EU and the UK forever, both sides claim they have the publics vote but in genuineness only one side have a valid argument when it comes to the UK’s membership of the EU. For years the UK has ploughed money into an unelected collection of bureaucrats who hold endless, and mostly insignificant meetings to conjure up predominantly outrageous laws and rules that only seem to benefit the country that they represent. Long-term the EU want total control over every member state and that includes the UK, the romantic idea of every member state supporting each other and deteriorating EU countries like Greece is fundamentally inappropriate.

Let’s take a look at some key fears the people of the UK want to know before voting on either staying in the EU or leaving and being in charge of our own destiny.

According to the Stronger IN campaign

If we voted to leave the EU, it would damage trade, and would harm UK businesses and growth, putting millions of jobs at risk. This is because the EU is our biggest trading partner, with 200,000 UK businesses trading goods with the EU and its 500 million-strong economy” they also claim that “Thanks to our membership of the European Union, we benefit from free trade agreements with over 50 countries around the world. We will also benefit from new free trade agreements the EU is currently negotiating with countries such as the United States, Australia and Japan

They also claim that “Independent expert evidence has consistently shown that 3-4 million jobs are linked to our trade with the EU. These would be at risk if we left the EU, meaning that the UK and British families are worse off”

According to the Leave EU campaign

Leaving the EU would allow Britain to trade more freely with the rest of the world. It’s also important to remember that Britain doesn’t need to be a member of the EU in order to trade with it. Given that the EU sells far more to us than we do to them, the remaining EU member states will seek a trade agreement with the UK that seeks to maintain the same level of free exchange of goods, services and capital as is the case today. First and foremost, Britain’s prosperity (and therefore jobs) depend on free trade across the globe rather, the benefits of political union are less apparent.

If the UK became independent again, it could also capitalize on its Commonwealth ties to have free trade deals with the likes of India, Australia and Malaysia, all Commonwealth countries the EU has made no headway with. As a country that traditionally embraces trade, the UK could add a range of other emerging markets such as China, Indonesia and the UAE – again ones that the EU is yet to agree terms with – and offer UK businesses a real competitive advantage over their rivals in mainland Europe and beyond. The EU is not well set-up to arrange these types of deals because they usually require the approval of all 28 EU member states. Any country can scupper a deal if it doesn’t see the benefits, which is unfortunate for a traditional free-trader like the UK”

Well let’s just slightly scrutinise that claim from the Stronger IN for a brief moment, firstly leaving the EU would not damage UK trading relations with any EU member, in fact the EU would still trade with the UK and in some cases the UK would see an increase in trade within certain parts of the EU, take our fishing industry for example, Spanish fisherman can fish in parts of British waters where our own fisherman has been forbidden to fish due to EU laws, how outrageous, leaving the EU who allow our fisherman to fish British waters and sell to countries like Spain, therefore boosting the economy and providing more jobs to the industry.

When it comes to UK jobs it seems apparent that the only complainants seem to be the businesses that employ low paid economic migrants or freedom of movement workers in order to protect their profits and have little or no interest in the UK as long as it’s free to have access to low paid and low skilled workers. Leaving the EU would end this completely, businesses would be forced to pay workers the living wage and pay employees a pension regardless of what country the worker is from, a vast majority of the businesses that want to remain in the EU currently don’t comply with these UK policies and will resist to do so.

The Prime Minister claims it will be more expensive to travel to Europe if we leave the EU, well that is fraudulence at the very least, there is no evidence to either show or produce to back up that claim, people will still travel, business meetings will still be conducted and people from the UK and Europe will still visit each other countries for holidays.

The Stronger IN group are adamant that our food, services and products will rise if we leave the EU, yet another falsehood set to scare the low paid and families who are struggling to make ends meet, neglecting the fact that it’s the EU’s tariffs that currently make items so expensive.

The most important topic and fear is immigration and the UK’s security, well the Stronger IN group claim that it would mean a return to the visa system to enable UK citizens to travel to some parts of the EU, well I personally welcome that, the freedom of movement has increased the risk to every part of the EU, not safeguarded them, the re-introduction of travel visas would facilitate the UK to evaluate who is coming into the UK and who is leaving, this would be the first line of defence and also a starting point to alert fellow countries about individuals who the UK feel may present a risk.

The attacks on London, Paris and Brussels have shown that freedom of movement of EU citizens is thrusting Europe into a freedom of movement for terrorists, the EU open border policy has created a minefield of chaos for Europe’s security services which it is unable to cope or deal with effectively.

Before the European Union each country was responsible for their own affairs, that included its security, parliamentary decisions, finance, law and order, its own currency and immigration, now its shackled to one law for all which is unworkable and unfit for purpose.

The ideological mind-set behind the EU was a romantic belief that we could all work as one super state, supporting each other in good and bad times, one currency for all, so that trade would flow and the economy of the super state would enrich everyone and Europe would become one beautiful fantasy, unfortunately we live in a world that has hatred in its heart and a will to tear democracy apart but still have the luxury of free movement within its enemies, countries who were once stable going bankrupt, people all over the EU are unable to feed their families while its bankers get millions for creating the problem, people mass migrating, people coming to the UK to receive a better way of life that’s better than their own because they can get in work benefits, free unlimited health care and housing for free at the expense of the UK tax payer, this is not what it was supposed to be like, we have been taken for fools too long, the Stronger IN campaigners don’t live that life, they don’t see the problems the EU has created nor the discontent the people of the UK feel, all they see are low paid workers equalling heavy company profits and wealth that will be hidden away overseas in a tax haven.

The UK people must back to leave the EU, it’s the only way this once great country can survive and stand on its own two feet, because at present we are being drawn into the Prime Ministers deceitfulness.